About us

E. Passoni’s Magazzini Manzanesi was founded in 1966 in Manzano (Udine), in the heart of the Italian Chair District, the so called ‘Triangle of the chair’. In the recent past, this area, located in Friuli, in the North of Italy, witnessed an extraordinary development of the manufacture of chairs, tables and furniture. Magazzini Manzanesi was the ideal supplier of the fittings necessary to that production, both at retail and wholesale level, and the small company soon became an international trading business. After a few years, it had thousands of Italian and foreign customers and did everything possible to satisfy their needs. The company’s working area was enlarged first to 900 m2 and later to 2.600 m2. The 6.000 m2 final area, including the outdoor surface, is still sufficient to stock approximately 10.000 fasteners, fittings and tools for furniture craft industry. However, the services provided by Magazzini Manzanesi are not limited to the supply of goods. The company’s highly qualified staff are also able to help customers to solve technical issues and to find non-standard items on request, thus catering for the needs of a number of businesses, like upholstery and plating plants, farms, garages and many others.

In the last years, Magazzini Manzanesi has faced the effects of the worldwide market crisis. Nevertheless, the company has remained committed to its main principle: providing the best possible care to customers. This means ensuring that customers can buy the top quality goods at the most competitive prices and without delays. In the course of its 50 year-long activity, Magazzini Manzanesi has built a continuous cooperation with its customers. Therefore, it is always updated and reacts efficiently to market developments. Thanks to its high professionalism, it is an indispensable partner for the buyers of screws and bolts, ensuring them just-in-time supplies manufactured by selected plants.