BM 2100 – Screwdriver with automatic feeding of the screws

BM 2100 – Screwdriver with automatic feeding of the screws

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BM 2100 – quick universal screwdriver with automatic feeding of the screws

The vibrating feeder positions the screw, which is penumatic inserted into the nozzle jaw. An electronic static control assures a perfect feeding. The LED indicators allow continuallya visual inspection of the functioning.

BM 2100 is used very successfully in the wood working industry, where its continuos efficiency is most important. Due to the precise screw free from feeding problems BM 2100 is really reliable for the electronic, the mechanical and the plastic industry. Where the products are made to measure, like the windows and doors frames production, BM 2100 allows an easy and quick assembly. Consequently the productivity redoubles.


  • the technical innovations allow an even quicker, preciser and more reliable screw
  • user friendly
  • possible use with different kinds of screw
  • the automatic stop device avoids the noise and the wears and spares energy
  • the blow, the blow time, the stop time, the time and the intensity of the vibration can be easily and exactly set
  • tested quality “Made in Germany”.

Pneumatic and electric screwdrive pistols

Different kind of screwdriver pistols are available in order to solve various problems of screw

Spare parts

BM 2100 is an universal screw system for screws and pins. If modificated it can solve also other problems. The automatic device stops the screw when it reaches the required height. This avoids the stripping of the thread and allows to insert the screws in different materials. The vibration regulation which depends on the filling of the vibrating tank assures a reliable feeding till the last screw. The special lining of the tank allows to work with finished screws. Special nozzle jaws are available.

Technical features 
Width310 mm
Depth380 mm
Height290 mm
Weight21 Kg
Voltage220V, 50 Hz
Compressed air connector diameter1/4"
Working air pressure6 bars
Air consumptionenviron 4-8 l/s
Hose length supplied4 m

Special voltages and different length of the pipe are available by request

Ø HeadD:up to 15,0 mm
Ø Stemd:up to 8,0 mm
Stem lengthl:up to 55,0 mm

The ratio between the length of the screw and the Ø of the head is:

L ≥ head Ø D + 1,5 mm

In case of screws with flat head the min length of the shank is:

L ≥ head Ø D + 1,3 mm


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