Key of the screws terminology

List of the acronyms used in the screws terminology

  • CH: Cylindrical head
  • FCH: Flat countersunk head
  • CDH: Candle drop head
  • CHHS: Cylindrical head with hexagonal slot
  • FCHHS: Flat countersunk head with hexagonal slot
  • HH: Hexagonal flat head
  • CVH: Convex head
  • CVHHS: Convex head with hexagonal slot
  • SH: Square head
  • RHSN: Round head with square nut
  • FRHH: Flat recessed hexagonal head
  • HS: Hexagonal slot
  • FHSS: Flat head with screwdriver slot


Comby head {Pozidriv cut and cross}

Hexagonal slotter head

Pozidriv cross head {PZ}

Phillips cross head {PH}


Finishings available by request

  • Burnished
  • Black zinc plated
  • White zinc plated
  • Yellow zinc plated
  • Bronze plated
  • Nickel plated
  • Brass plated